an august silence

“an august silence” draws the listener into a strange world where time stands still. The quieter it becomes and the less that happens, the more clearly the motion of silence emerges. Here sounds resemble sculptures – something present and perceivable, but static and imperishable. Yet, there are minimal movements in every detail, which are only felt by the omission of all surrounding noise.

The composition of “An august silence” addresses these ideas in a various ways. Inspired by the work of Julia Wolfe, Carolin Shaw and Kali Malone, among others, a few notes, intervals and minuscule sound fragments are examined separately in a minimalist way. With tranquility and precision they are exposed like an abstract work of art and are sustained until their inherent life comes to surface. Words are formed from syllables, whose sounds form a tapestry of text fragments and here and there abstract poetry. This is similar to paintings by Cy Twombly, where strokes and lines fill the frame. The longer one looks at it, the more it seems as if letters and words emerge from abstraction.

The album will be released on Xilent Records May 26th, 2023.

This project has been supported by Amarte Fonds and Sena Muziekproductiefonds.